• Manrita (UK)

    We curated a bangle set for our gorgeous bride Manrita who had a traditional Punjabi wedding and looked breathtaking on the day !

  • Neha (USA)

    Special emerald green glass bangles were specially brought in for our exceptionally gorgeous bride Neha who held a Rajasthani wedding !

  • Gurinder (UK)

    A traditional red choora was curated for our very gorgeous bride Gurinder with a mixture of pearls and american diamond bangles who held a punjabi wedding !

  • Punam

    A special combo deal for our beautiful bride Punam - a pearly design in her bridal choora in a stunning shade of red with a sequential bangle box.

  • Kajal

    Kajal came to us with a very special request to have her choora to match her bridal necklace, for her Sindhi Indian Wedding and wanted her choora to also have the bride and grooms name engraved in the bangles. We personalised our brides bangles by incorporating name bangles to her design, with a beautiful heart seperating both the bride and grooms names.

  • Reena

    Such a stunning look for our bride, Reena! A combination of golden pearls with a beautiful red shade and traditonal bindi bangles for that perfect bridal look on her bangles.

    Absolute stunner!

  • Isha

    Traditional red bridal choora for a special bride!

    It was a beautiful journey customising Isha's choora "creating special bridal moments" in the making.

  • Ishrat

    Beautiful combination bangles created for our beautiful bride, Ishrat's mehndi event

    A combination of pearls and hot pink bangles!