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When you are looking to buy bangles, you should factor a lot of different things into account. Here, we will help you find bangles for every month. Why not explore a different shade and style in your collection every month? 

Jingle January

For the month of January, we can start the New Year with a little festivity and flair. Why not go for some bright pink or red bangles? It is believed that colours infuse happiness and optimism and you can choose to do exactly that. We are sure that starting your year on a colourful note will add the much-needed jazz in your life and also paint a lot of smiles.

Funky February

Come February and let’s do it the funky way. Sounds cool right? In order to swap your look and to do a complete make over, we would advice you to ditch the regular way and go for a really modern and trendsetting look. Look out for some funky bangles which would go well with the western attire and help you look like the true diva you are. You can settle either for loud vibrant shades or even go for some subtle shades too. The choice is all yours.

Musical March

As March sets in, let the tempo for the year get in the groove. You can go for some subtle shades of bangles and adopt the casual look. As the year has set in and the newness factor has almost gone, let us keep it simple yet classy for this month. You will find a lot of simple bangles which blend well with nearly all attires and you can always settle for those as they seem to be an evergreen choice that works well.

Austere April

In the month of April, we would recommend you to opt for some of the perfect subtle bangles. We don’t want you to stick with loud colours anymore as April marks the onset of new weather. So, you should settle for really simple and subtle colours of simple bangles and they will go well with the theme of the month. Tone down the colour scheme and even the embellishments and be cool yet modern.

Mystic May

When it comes to May, we will ask you to go for shades like gold, silver and platinum. Go for not too flashy bangles but the ones that can definitely make peoples heads turn. You can also settle for bronze and rust as well. The idea here is to go for some uncommon touch and to ruffle some feathers in the world of style and craze.

Joyful June

When it is June, it is time to paint the happy smile. So, in this month, we will once again ask you to bring out the colour pops. Go for bright shades of bangles and you can play mix and match and blend both ethnic and funky style of bangles together. This little mixing and matching can help you feel the best of both the worlds and it is often considered to be the trendiest style. Of course, you can keep an eye to see what is currently in vogue and make some last minute alterations accordingly.

Jet Set July

June and July are similar months and so you can choose to go with the same flow. Mostly, it is seen that styles do not change much in between these two months and so you have the option of checking out the trending designs and you can reshuffle your bangles from previous months and wear them too. Trend-wise, it has been mostly seen that June and July follow the same styles.

Aspiring August

Come August and you can go for a bold look. It is time to set some high fashion goals and aspire to be a trendsetter. There are mainly two moods for August. You can either choose to go for the bold look and buy different bangle styles and colours in the bold look. Alternatively, the other mood is the rebel look where you pay no heed to whatever is trending or in vogue. You can choose to follow your own aspirations and wear whatever best suits your mood.

Serene September

September and August are contrasting months and so ideally, the choice should be to go for a complete contrast with whatever you settled in August. Mostly, fashion-wise September is for serene and subtle choices.

You can choose basic colours and even basic style and this is not the month for too much of experimentation either. Just pick the regular bangles and wear them in style. How about a black and gold combination?

On Point October

In this month, you shift your focus solely on what you want and need. Go for whatever best suits your nature. You can choose colour pops, subtle shades, gold flecks or anything what seems to gel well with your mood, tempo and personality. The choice is yours!

Naughty November

November is famously known as the month of experimentation. There is no style trend you need to follow. The year is very close to ending and this is the free pass month wherein all you need to do is just be yourself and pick whatever seems to get along. This is why it is often called by many as the hybrid fashion month as people are spotted wearing all colors and all styles jumbled together.

Dusky December

The last month of the year is finally here and we would ask you to go for darker and dusky shades. Settle on colours like navy blue, black, grey, dark purple and so on. The darker colours sets the tempo for bidding goodbye to the year and you can then welcome the freshness of the New Year and repeat the whole cycle.

These are some of the top tips from our trend files. The bottom-line that you need to remember is that regardless of what you choose, always make sure that you are comfortable wearing it. When you are happy and comfortable in your choices, it will definitely help you rock the fashion lane in the sassiest way. Please visit: for your latest jewellery needs for all occasions. 


The YB Team

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