Every Jewellery Tells A Tale

Ask a girl what jewellery means and she is sure to get really excited as she will take you through the different details of how jewelries make her feel pretty, elegant and beautiful. They help you express yourself and empower you as well. Of course, jewels have always been one of the best ways of helping women relish their feminine side and cherish the beauty of having the perfect accessories that make them glow.

The Legacy Of The Mughal Jewellery

If you take a look at the books of history, you will find that the fascination of jewellery among Indian women dates back to more than 5,000 years ago. Even if you take a look at the epics namely the Ramayana and Mahabharata, you will find significant evidence that hints at the possibility of jewellery being the major fascination among women.

However, it is the 16th century and during the Mughal era that we can see the finest depiction of some of the most artistic pieces of jewellery. It is also hailed by many as the golden age of Indian jewellery. During this era, Mughal made use of their expertise and knowledge of gems and jewellery and the artistic excellence to create some of the finest and the most intricate jewelleries which is in vogue even today.

It was the Mughal era itself when jewellery started becoming the symbol of pride and status. Not only this, if you take a deeper look at some of the stories, there are a lot of tales pertaining to different stones often used in the field of jewellery. Some of them are believed to bring in good luck and fortune.

There is a lot of spiritual undertone which has been attached with jewelleries and this is why you can easily see how jewelleries often tell a story.

The Legacy In Marriages

Not only this, we also saw how the tradition of passing jewelleries down a generation gained popularity. There were a lot of families that started preserving jewelleries and made it a point to pass them down the generation. When jewellery had stayed in the family for more than a century after passing multiple generations, it became high in value. This makes it one of the costliest possessions and is often considered to be something which has a very high stature.

Newlywed brides are often told stories by their mother in law as to how they earned their jewellery and are often asked to take extra care of the coveted piece because it is never just another ornament rather a status symbol and an icon of the reputation which the family has now passed in her respective hands.

So, when it comes to jewellery and even diamonds, they are not just an accessory for women. In India, the cultural significance of these pieces is very high and it is often believed to bring in a lot of prosperity and good luck.

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