Jewels Shine, So Does The Bride

Ever looked at a bride and got mesmerized at the élan and elegance she often exudes? While we do believe that it is the sheer magic of love and happiness that makes a bride look oh-so-beautiful, we can’t simply be blind to the dazzling shine of the jewellery as well.

There is something about the dangling jewellery and the beautiful bangles which add to her appeal. Jewellery is meant to dazzle, sparkle and shine and so does a bride.

The Glitter Of Gold

We are sill to meet a woman that doesn’t adore gold. The mere sight of gold is sure to attract the ladies and they crave to hold it in their arms and wear it to get the oomph and the sass.

A bride deserves being pampered with gold as it helps them in basking in the glory of their wedding. So, if you are a bride to-be, treat yourself to some of the best Indian necklaces draped in gold. The designs are just too varied and every person has their unique taste. You can check out kundan, rajistani jewellery or even Mughal inspired designs as well.

The Age Old Legacy And Traditions

The Indian tradition is known for its values and captivating stories. Even if you check out the old legends and the mythological stories, jewellery has always been associated with feminine streaks and it often brought out the beauty of women.

The Hindu Gods and Goddesses were often clad in heavy jewellery and our epics have accounts of how the kings and queens wore a lot of gold because it symbolized beauty, class and wealth.

When a bride is looking to seal her vows of marriage and she is ready to enter a new phase of her life, there is a lot of change that would come. She needs the blessings and love of her family and often gold is used as symbol of love and blessings from the elders.

There are a lot of families that have the tradition of khandani jewellery. The jewellery is passed down to the bride, generation after the other and becomes a legacy in itself. Regardless of whether or not, they are in tandem with today’s lanes of vogue, the value and story associated with such historical jewellery makes them a coveted piece.

Our Values And Vision

At, we don’t consider jewellery as just another product. Our main vision is to help brides beautify themselves and pick the perfect bangles, anklets and necklaces that will help them shine and sparkle.

We know it is their big day and they have a lot of dreams in their twinkling eyes. With the right touch of perfect jewellery, aims at helping beautiful brides radiate even more shine because you deserve all the love!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but a little bling and a lot more gold never hurts. So, are you all set to shine bright on your D-day so that not just the groom, but no one can take their eyes off you?


The YB Team

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