The Beautiful History Of Anklets

We have spoken to a lot of women and almost everyone was of the opinion that anklets are considered to be one of the best and the most coveted jewelleries. What exactly is it that makes anklet such a favourite choice among women? Well, the answers vary a great deal.

The Symbol Of Feminine Beauty

Since a very long time, women have been adorning themselves with beautiful anklets. Even among the ancient Sumerians who resided 4000 years ago, it was found that anklets were worn by women. Over a period of time, their use became even more popular and even modern day women can be seen wearing anklets as they revel in how it projects their feminine image.

In India, anklets have a symbolism with marriage and it is the sign of married women. In a lot of weddings, anklets were often gifted to bless the bride with a happy married life.

The Symbolism of Beauty

Further, if you go back to the era of Rajput or even the Mughal, a lot of women dancers who are known for their breath-taking beauty often wore anklets that made a rhythmic sound. The sound often created a symphony which would move the hearts of men.

Thus, anklets also became symbolism of beauty and seduction. It also found its way in the Middle East as well. There were a lot of belly dancers who started wearing the anklet bracelets as they too seduced men with their effortless charm and beauty.

The Refined Lanes of Fashion

Just like their use spread to different parts of the world, the designs and styles kept changing as well. Anklets started being made on plenty of different designs. Women could get their initials craved or even their lovers’ initial on them. Apart from this, it also came with a lot of etchings and markings too. They have become a lot diverse and can be worm both with traditional and formal clothes as well.

A lot of anklets come in silver, brass, diamonds and even precious stones as well. Based upon your preferences, need and status symbol, you can choose the anklets which you like best.

The Western Culture

Such has been the prolific popularity of anklets that even the western world has imbibed its use. In the US, the anklets gained immense popularity in the 1950s. They made another strong comeback after a little drop in popularity in 1970s and there was no stopping them ever since. In fact, there are even a few stories that revolve around how men gifted the women in their life anklets to signify that they were in a relationship.

So, anklets come in diverse history and they are undoubtedly hugely popular. If you too love to wear some of the most stylish and charming anklets, you can check out the breath-taking collection at We love anklets ourselves and so we have brought for you some of the most mesmerizing designs which will make you fall in love with them. Our anklet collection will be available soon on our website. A Perfect gift for all women and girls!


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