The Indian Bride – Inside Stories

Ever had the chance to attend a big fancy Indian wedding? Indian brides look like an emotional story in themselves and they seem to tell a tale. At, we believe in offering jewellery which will help you enjoy the perfect bliss of these golden moments that is sure to remain etched in your hearts forever.

As jewellery holds a lot of significance in the lives of brides, we decided to talk to a few Indian brides and asked them about the emotions they undergo and the kind of connection which jewellery has when it comes to love.

One bride quotes:

“Marriages in India are mostly a very huge affair. There is so much that happens and the list of guests and events both are endless. In such situations, as a bride, I knew that I would have the spotlight and the focus. I cherished the limelight, but most of all when I look back at these moments I remember the way I was bathed in jewellery. It gave me a sense of huge pride and I absolutely basked in the glory of the moment.”

“Even today when I think of my marriage, I remember precisely the jewellery I wore. For me, jewelleries were a part of my memories because they are as much a part of our culture as the traditional values. My dad had gifted to me his love in the form of jewellery and I adore his gifts to pieces.”

Of course, every bride has a story to tell. The sentiments and emotions which these brides undergo are whopping and at we believe in sharing these stories.

Why Do The Stories Matter?

All those of you who wonder why these stories matter at all to us, we want you to know that at , we believe that emotional connection is very crucial when it comes to buying jewelleries. We have often gone through the different back stories and even the legendary tales of the Indian culture and how almost every piece of jewellery seems to be tied up to some or the other personification.

We believe that when people want to be more rooted to their culture and tradition, it helps them feel the connection to their jewelleries in a much better manner, as through jewelleries they are able to become closure to their culture and traditions. By hearing the stories of the Indian bride, you can know why it is so important to pick the perfect collection of jewelleries. Each piece of jewellery carries with it a special meaning and significance for the bride. 

Different brides may have different needs. Some of you gorgeous ladies may have a fetish for Rajistani jewellery, while some may have a fancy for the old yet charming Mughal style of jewellery. We also find brides who love to adorn themselves in the perfect Rajput style with heavily loaded gold ornaments.

Regardless of what you need, is here to make your dreams come true. Because very bride has a story and deserves being pampered with loads of love. We want you to be happy and glad that you made the right choice.

Let you be the next bride to share your story because, we at love stories, romance, jewellery and tradition.


The YB Team

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