The Round Bangle Theory

We all know that bangles are round. Yes, they do come in a somewhat different shape these days but mostly they are seen to be round. So, what essentially makes them so? Do you really think there is any logic behind it? Let us brainstorm some theory and see what we can add.

Mainly, bangles are seen to be symbolic of different emotions. These are love, life, beauty, feminine power and more. When it comes to the traditional Hindu mythology, bangles are seen to be a powerful symbol of marriage.

The Circle Significance

Circles are perhaps one of the most puzzling of all geometrical shapes. Do you know why? There is no start and end as the whole thing runs in an infinite loop which is meant to go on and on. So, if you are looking to ensure that you too can find an accessory which will help you understand the flow of life, bangles definitely seem like a good option. Bangles will be a constant reminder to you that life goes on no matter what happens and to be positive. Isn't that a beautiful thought?

Those who choose to buy bangles can have plenty of options at hand. However, you will find that nearly 95% of all bangles will be round and they will serve the purpose that it is meant to.

The Cycle Of Life

Circles are pictorial representation of our life. We all are born from dust and after death, we become the dust. it is said that, ‘from dust we come, to dust we go.”

The circle is essentially a representation of this fact. You can see how the circle begins and ends at the same place. This means that you can travel a hundred miles, feel a hundred emotions, go through multiple phases but in the end, we have to return right from where we started because this is truly what life means.

So, when you choose bangles, in essence, you are living the real law of life. This is why bangles are also considered to be sacred and pious by many as well. They help in infusing the perfect blend of the right kind of aura and charm and this is why you will be able to cherish the kind of meaning and optimism which the bangles bring.

Get The Inner Strength

Bangles are so much more than just another accessory. When you are looking to buy bangles, you should consider the kind of strength which they will bring. They aren’t mainly a fashion accessory but they end up being symbolic of the bond of love which ties you and your partner.

So, you should make it a point to look at bangles and feel the real power of the inner beauty. When you manage to do so, it will definitely help you in a lot of different ways. Channelize the feelings that are latent within and let the power of love bind you in its hold. The bangle will then help you cherish the beautiful phase and you will find it lend you the strength to handle all different kinds of adverse situations.

Nothing Stays The Same

When you are looking to buy bangles, you need to know that it is one such accessory which teaches you a lot of life lessons. Look at the different points on your bangles. They are all different and yet there is some kind of inherent sameness in them.

So, think of the different situations you will face in life. Even when you are in love with someone, there are a few good days and then there are a few bad days as well. It is upon you to ensure that you handle all different days and stay strong.

Do not let your love die. As long as you two are tied by the bond of love, it will give you the much-needed strength which will help you handle all possible situations and this will allow you to live your life in a happier manner.

Love Lives Long

You should understand how powerful love really can be. When you are buying bangles, you will find that there is a lot of variety. The key focus here is to ensure that you buy bangles which can help you feel the essence of love.

This way even if you have some little quarrel or some minor arguments, you can hold on to the bond. Let your bangle remind you that the power of love is the strongest force which can guide you and this will help you be sure that you handle the different phases of life the way it is meant to.

A lot of relationships that do not work happen so because people are not even sure of what to expect from life. Their bond gets shaken and stirred at the slightest pretext and they forget the things that brought the two of them together.

This is why you should never be complacent when it comes to bangles. Take your time and check out the choices at hand. Then, pick what seems to be the best option at hand. If your spouse has gifted you bangle, it is the best kind of situation as these gifts definitely turn out to be even more special.

Bangles will always be more than a fashion accessory and their circular symbolism will help you handle the different phases which life will surely make you go through. No matter what happens, let love be your guiding force and allow yourself to feel the warmth of love. This in itself should be a good enough incentive for you to live a happy life.

Happiness is often a choice and when you surround yourself with love, you will find that happiness is likely to tag along. So, indulge yourself in some of these luxuries and cherish the kind of feeling it will leave you with. We are sure women absolutely love bangles. Go for red ones for best impact.


The YB Team

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