Why Is Jewellery Every Girl’s Dream?

Talk about gold, diamonds and jewelleries in front of any woman and you will see the way their eyes will shine and ooze the perfect love. There is something about gold and diamonds that simply melt a woman’s heart and makes them wish they could buy all the gems their eyes capture.

So, let us see what exactly it is that makes women crave for jewellery like never before.

The Golden Glimmer

Gold has often been seen as a remarkable symbol of beauty. No matter, how deep you dig; you will find that gold has always been associated with numerous attributes like:

· Wealth

· Status

· Prosperity

· Beauty

· Legacy

· Heritage

So, it is no doubt that the mere mention of gold adds to the desires of women. When women can afford most of the golden jewelleries, it gives them a power and confidence from within.

It is seen that most women will crave for that perfect touch of gold as it will help them stand apart from the crowd. The golden glimmer of their accessories adds a raw appeal to them which makes them shine brighter than anything else.

The Legacy And Heritage

If you are well versed with the Indian legacy and heritage, you must already know that there are a lot of different stories that talk about how the leaders and rulers of the nation had a fancy for jewelleries. It wasn’t just the women in that era that were decked in beautiful ornaments as even the kings and the prince used to be adorned with many ornaments.

It was a sign of royalty, wealth, power and supremacy. Of course, gold had always been expensive and more than the cost, it was the kind of emotions and power associated with it that made it a royal affair. The queens often did nothing but wear many gold ornaments and simply cherished their beauty.

These stories and the way some of the ornaments seem to have captivating and enthralling tales makes them a very interesting choice. There are a lot of women who love to find more about these stories and then based upon the different legacies and the plots; they then make a purchase. To create memories of a lifetime. Currently imitation jewellery is highly popular around the world and is available in different pricing budgets. Imitation jewellery enables women to be able to change their designs more frequently with a affordable budget. These pieces of jewellery help create the same feel and tell a story like real gold and diamond ornaments. 

You can find Ragistani jewellery, the ornaments that seem to pass down the generations and even Mughal jewellery which comes with various influences like the Hindu inspired, the Iranian inspired, the European influence and more.

The variety when it comes to jewellery is whopping. You will be amazed as to how many different sub-designs exist. One of the most amazing things about jewelleries is the fact that there is no end to the designs.

You will find an endless amount of designs and the style and appeal of these pieces is excellent and captivating. Regardless of how unique your preferences are, you are sure to find some of the most artistic and the finest designs of jewelleries which is sure to match your personality, taste and style.

Exuding The Right Sass And Style

When you are looking to participate in some kind of an event, function or even a wedding, having the perfect piece of matching jewelleries becomes even more important. You will have to be sure that your jewellery is so perfect that it will compliment your dress and bring out the best in you.

There is a need to understand the kind of jewellery which will compliment your overall personality so that you can have that oomph and sass which will make you stand out from the crowd.

With some of the best inspired pieces of jewellery, you are undoubtedly going to steal the show and look vivacious, gorgeous and pretty.

How Do We Help You?

At, we understand that a piece of jewellery is so much more than just another accessory which you are going to buy. Women in particular have deep rooted fascination for jewellery and it helps in bringing out their feminine aspect in a lot more articulate manner. This is why the main aim at is to help our customers identify and feel the emotional connection with the different pieces and collections we offer.

We are not just looking to make sales, but we want to discover the hidden art of jewelleries. We want every experience to be enriching enough for the customers that they can enjoy the whole process. When you hold a piece of jewellery, it should teleport you to another time and must allow you to feel the pleasure of having some of the finest moments.

When we are aware of the stories and the legends associated with the jewelleries, we feel more connected to them. We know how captivating it feels to be connected with your heritage and roots. This is why our fine picked collection of some of the most dazzling jewelleries will help you go through the timeless era and you will be able to trace the connection with the golden times when jewelleries were considered to be true marvels of art.

With all this magic and fascination that surrounds jewellery, it is but inevitable that jewellery will be every girl’s dream come true. If your a guy reading this blog and you have a woman in your life who you wish to please, do not think further. Enjoy the best and the most charming pieces and designs and let your woman bask in the glory of having found that one gem she can’t stop loving.

Jewelleries are a fascination that comes with pride, heritage, legacy and prosperity. There is no such thing as too many jewelleries. From the golden maangtikas to the silver anklets and the diamonds and ruby stone rings and what not- jewelleries are a piece of art and isn’t art supposed to be marvelled?

Let yourself get lost in this wide and enchanting world of mesmerizing designs of some of the best jewelleries found only at!


YB Team

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