This beautiful choora was custom made for our beautiful bride for her wedding day, just a few days before her big day.


It has been custom made with pure kundan kangans, which are gold plated. 


This is a designer high quality choora and this choora has colour guarantee and will not stain your hands. 


Please note in this choora set we added 2 customised kangans which have the bride and grooms names engraved onto the 2 customised bangles. If you would like the same design without the customisation, we can also arrange this for you. 


Some designs are in stock whereas some will need ordering. This particular design can be ordered in for you with a expected time of 2-4 weeks. 


However we can also get it delivered earlier like for our bride, which took 4 days. However we advise a 2-4 week timeline due to covid. 


Happy Shopping girls !



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