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A warm welcome to each one of you here who has popped to yourbangles.com. We are glad to have you here. For each one of you who absolutely loves the bling and a little shine, yourbangles.com is the one stop place for you. We have the best in jewellery and more.

Let us showcase the best bangles you can get and give you umpteen reasons to come back and shop here, again and again.

YB Collection

The founder and the think-tank behind "Your Bangles"  believes, “Ever since I was a young girl, I had a dream of looking absolutely gorgeous, adorned in beautiful gold and exuding the perfect oomph and élan which we associate with girls."

"Your Bangles" is the dream which every young girl sees for herself. It is the vision which ties every young girl who craves for that perfect piece of jewellery which can bring out the best in her.”

Your Bangles is more than just an online store as it is the platform which allows girls to satiate their craving to bag the best jewellery which can add the jazz and bling and will make them perfect in ways more than one.


Our Vision

At yourbangles.com, the main vision which we have is to offer jewellery for all occasions, to people at large. No matter where you reside, Indian jewellery and their rich legacy seems to tug the hearts of people. If you have always looked at those big fat Indian weddings and have been enchanted and mesmerized by the stunning designs of the breathtaking jewellery and you are fascinated by how jaw dropping it looks, yourbangles.com is the platform which will help you satiate these cravings.

The vision that fuels "Your Bangles" is to offer high quality imitation jewellery among varied designs which have been tailored for almost all occasions. The idea is to not just make sales but to build customer relationships because we believe that buying a piece of jewellery is not just about spending some money.

Jewellery becomes a memory and it is often associated with moments which can be very precious to you. This is why we strives to offer immaculate quality backed by catchy designs and incredible customer services. We want to be a part of your journey and help you make many memories.

Jewellery and Jazz

Of course, jewellery is all about jazz. There is no end to the back stories of different styles of jewellery. No matter, whether you are talking about the charming kundans and bali or the legacy of true and authentic Rajasthani or Mughal gems. Jewellery has always fascinated people and it is something which truly adds to the jazz and élan of the 21st century Asian women living within the United Kingdom (the Asian Brits).

So, if you absolutely love the pleasure of buying jewellery which is likely to help you get sea of compliments, you know the best place to be. At yourbangles.com, we make it a point to handpick every single piece of your bangles you will find at our site.

The bangles we offer speak a story and they will let you enjoy and cherish the beauty that they exude. So, if you want to add that little bit of oomph and dollops of grace, you know where to find the right jazz.


What Do We Offer?

Yourbangles.com offers you practically everything when it comes to the world of jewellery, especially bangles. Within UK, there are umpteen women who crave for the touch of sheer gold and to explore the authentic taste of Indian bridal jewellery.

The Indian market has seen diverse changes in the lanes of vogue. From the Mughal era to the fabulous Rajasthan designs to even the pre-modern era of jewellery designs, there have been too many changes.

Yourbangles.com aims at blending all the different changes and styles and we bring to you some of the finest and the most exotic and beautiful collection of imitation jewellery. We are also aware of the need to pick jewellery based upon the type of occasion you have. This is why we aspire to be your one-stop shop where you can get jewellery for every occasion - just the way you want! Currently, our YB collection offers a wide selection of bangles which we soon aim to expand, offering you more accessories for all the princesses out there. 

The Legacies And The Stories

Oh yes! Aren’t the books of mythology when it comes to Indian culture so full of stories? We love the captivating stories associated with how the queens and the princesses used to stay decked with dollops of jewelleries and how the Mughals had some specific styles and so did the Rajputs.

If you love these tales and they capture your attention, "Your Bangles.com" is the place to explore a lot of such stories. Find the different stories of the legacies of Indian jewellery at our blog and feel free to reach out to us if you have any such story to share.


Every Jewellery Has A Story

Just like we told you, at Yourbangles.com we believe that every jewellery has a story to tell and it is simply waiting for its rightful protagonist for it to be complete. So, pick your favourite piece of jewellery and let it be eternalized in your perfect presence. Don’t we all love happy endings, after all?


Why Us?

Lastly, if you have been wondering why Yourbangles.com, here are some sure shot reasons which will make you happy at choosing our services.

  • We have jewellery for all occasions.

  • The founder has always cherished her Indian roots and tradition and she uses her connection to truly offer inspiring and creative designs.

  • Our creative team is always on the lookout to offer the most stylish jewellery designs.

  • We emphasize on quality rather than quantity.

  • Our pricing structure is apt.

  • Because we love jewellery as much as you do!


Make sure to check out our YB collection and then look your ravishing best with your favourite picks! And always remember every style has a story, its time to write your story through bangles of your choice and your colour. 


You’re a jewel. Shine on!

  • Manrita (UK)

    We curated a bangle set for our gorgeous bride Manrita who had a traditional Punjabi wedding and looked breathtaking on the day !

  • Neha (USA)

    Special emerald green glass bangles were specially brought in for our exceptionally gorgeous bride Neha who held a Rajasthani wedding !

  • Gurinder (UK)

    A traditional red choora was curated for our very gorgeous bride Gurinder with a mixture of pearls and american diamond bangles who held a punjabi wedding !

  • Punam

    A special combo deal for our beautiful bride Punam - a pearly design in her bridal choora in a stunning shade of red with a sequential bangle box.

  • Kajal

    Kajal came to us with a very special request to have her choora to match her bridal necklace, for her Sindhi Indian Wedding and wanted her choora to also have the bride and grooms name engraved in the bangles. We personalised our brides bangles by incorporating name bangles to her design, with a beautiful heart seperating both the bride and grooms names.

  • Reena

    Such a stunning look for our bride, Reena! A combination of golden pearls with a beautiful red shade and traditonal bindi bangles for that perfect bridal look on her bangles.

    Absolute stunner!

  • Isha

    Traditional red bridal choora for a special bride!

    It was a beautiful journey customising Isha's choora "creating special bridal moments" in the making.

  • Ishrat

    Beautiful combination bangles created for our beautiful bride, Ishrat's mehndi event

    A combination of pearls and hot pink bangles!