The chart provided below will help you determine the right bangle size for you:-

IMG_6036_edited.jpg   IMG_6034.PNG.png

  • Take a bangle that you already own which fits you perfectly and place it on the scale (ruler, measuring tape).
  • Measure the inner diameter.
  • Use the size chart above to determine your bangle size.



Please see below instructions on how to determine your bangle size without having a physical bangle:- 

IMG_6037_edited.jpg   IMG_6035.PNG.png

  • Cut a thin strip of thread or paper. 
  • Bring your thumb and little finger together. 
  • Wrap where your hand is the widest. 
  • Mark the meeting spot of the thread/paper end. 
  • Measure the length of the thread with your ruler. 
  • Use the size chart on your left to determine your bangle size.